Frequently Asked Questions


MAIN MENUS: At "Home" you can make the website to be in 2 different views - "Thumbnail: and "List" view. There is also a Search menu with a Filter function. You can filter your results by different criteria and sort the results. After you make a search you are redirected to the "Catalog". "TV-shows" / "Films" filters are available in the first filter box as well as in the menus. If you do not find the result you are looking for you can paste in the "Search" bar the "IMDB ID" from the IMDB link. IMDB ID are the numbers inside the IMDB link. For example: IMDB ID: 0111161 AFTER YOU CHOOSE A FILM / TV-SHOW Different links after you choose a result are for the different available hosts.There are in FLASH or Divx. You must have the FLASH or Divx player to watch and if you do not have them, you can download them here: You can download them here: DivX: Flash: If you get a message in the video "Buffering" or "Loading" you should "Pause" the video for some time for the movie to load and then play it again. If there is a problem with the link, you can report it as "Broken". You can "Rate" the links with stars. The IMDB button is to get you into IMDB website for more information. Next to the Movie / TV-Show title you can subscribe for RSS for the latest information or Comments, that comes up. You can also show it to your friends via "E-mail" / "Facebook" / "Twitter" . You can also "Rate" it with stars. After you Login you can take advantage of the other functions that are available: -"Add to favorites" to add it to your "Favorites" list -"Submit a link" to submit a link for the current result. -You can make a comment and after "Edit" or "Delete" it. STAY UPDATED: The functions are at the bottom right corner of the website. You can get updates by E-mail, RSS feeds, facebook or Twitter. USER LIST: User List is at the bottom of the page. It is used to see the registered users. After you click on a user you can see user's comments and favorites. USER PANEL: After you "Signup" / "Login", the "User panel" menu in left becomes available. "Edit preferences" you are able to make and Avatar, change your e-mail or change your password. "Favorites" contains listed the movies, that you choosed by "Add to favorites" "My Comments" is for your comments. "Request Movie" is to request a movie, that is not available with an IMDB link. For example: "Submit a link" is to submit a link for a Film / TV-Show, that are not in the website.